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Ever wonder what that hanging skin on your cat’s tummy is? Read on to find out!

By: Yaunna Sommersby

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You may have noticed that some cats have a pouch of hanging skin on their bellies, regardless of how much they weigh. This is their primordial pouch. Experts believe it is a carry-over from evolution. The loose skin and extra fat provide protection to the vulnerable abdominal area during fights, helping to shield internal organs. It also lets cats store extra energy—wild cats didn’t know when their next meal was coming. Plus, the excess skin of the primordial pouch allows cats to stretch out and take longer strides when running and playing.

There are some breeds in which the primordial pouch is more predominant, such as the Egyptian Mau, Japanese Bobtail, Pixie Bob, and the Bengal. It can also be more prominent in male cats or those who were previously overweight.

Do your cats have a primordial pouch? We dare you to brave touching their bellies to find out!

By: Yaunna Sommersby

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