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Tiny Confessions

Deepest thoughts and secret admissions revealed!

Have you ever been bewildered by your cat’s actions, be he a connoisseur of the sweet herb or budding lepidopterist, and questioned just what is going on in that head of his? Lucky for you, New York City-based comedian and artist Christopher Rozzi is here to give us the inside track. In his spot-on illustrations revealing the inner musings and reflections of our feline pals, Rozzi offers a very funny proposal of what’s going on behind that inscrutable, fuzzy visage—and in the process captures something very true and revealing of our relationships with our cats. Rozzi’s terrific prints are developed from his one-of-a-kind paintings, a collection of which will be available in his book, Tiny Confessions. You can get your hands on one of his prints through Etsy or send him a picture of your cat to be matched with her own confession. We confess: we’re charmed.


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