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HAIKU CATS’ quirky line of paper products began with the creation of the HAIKU CATS gift book, published independently by Kitty Boy Productions (ISBN# 978057811612) . Artist/Author Cynthia B. (C.B.) Fraser remembers its inception this way:

“So this cat walks up to me and says, “YEOW.” We have a brief exchange; he follows me home. Perhaps he senses trouble. Once I invite him in part of the problem reveals itself: a large male human with zero affinity for cats or the concerns of troubled women. For the next few weeks the Universe, the cat, and friends conspired to liberate me. The cat (nicknamed Kitty Boy) and I find a cottage and a garden, and in exchange for safe haven, he introduced me to the merits of healthy detachment and the restorative powers of napping. In this ideal creative environment my artistic nature began to flourish. So began “HAIKU CATS,” a book conceived in trying times by a closet artist and a charismatic old alley cat.”

C.B. Fraser’s collages are a confluence of antique Japanese prints, scissors, ink, and an artist who loves nothing more than the surprises lurking in the creative process. The haiku are inspired by feline behavior in all its grace and aberration. When the artist is not cutting up paper, patting cats, or napping, she can be found teaching Taoist yoga and reflecting on her great good fortune.

The HAIKU CATS Book ($22) is a 6 x 6, soft-cover 96-page book printed

on premium stock with soy-based pigments on a lithographic press. Interest in the book has also spawned a growing line of greeting cards (34), and 2.75” HAI-U cards (15), 8”x 10” prints—with a refillable, multi-use journal in the hopper.

See it all at

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