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What Your Cat’s Tail Position is Trying to Tell You: a Visual Guide

Your cat's tail position decoded! These visuals illustrate what different cat tail positions mean

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Illustration by Michelle Simpson

Looking for insight into how your cat is feeling? Look no further than the tail. Your cat’s tail is a great barometer of your cat’s mood and how they are feeling about a particular situation or person. Read on for visuals illustrating what various cat tail positions mean!

 What a Whipping Cat Tail Means

Whipping cat tail:

A cat tail that is whipping from side to side indicates fear, aggression & frustration. Stay away!


What a Cat Tail Held Low Means

Low Cat Tail:

A low hanging cat tail means: Look out! Aggression, serious mood.


What a Puffed Up Cat Tail Means

Puffed Up Cat Tail:

A puffy cat tail means your cat is very agitated or frightened.


What a Swishing Cat Tail Means

Swishing Cat Tail:

When a cat’s tail is swishing, it means they are focused, about to pounce.


What a Tucked Cat Tail Means

Tucked Away Cat Tail:

When a cat tucks their tail, it indicates fear, submission, nervousness.


What a Wrapped Cat Tail Means

Wrapped Cat Tail:

When your cat wraps their tail around someone it shows friendship!


What a Cat Tail Held High Means

High Cat Tail:

When your cat holds their tail high, it means they are confident, happy, and content.


What a Curved Cat Tail Means

Curved Cat Tail:

When you cat’s tail is curved like a question mark, it shows they are feeling playful, andfriendly. Take a break to play with your cat!

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