Gillagain McGillacutty

Meet Gillagain McGillacutty

This cat wants nothing more then to lick your couch and its blankets. He was found at the adoption home, he was very timid. It just so happens his family adopts cats that are not as friendly, and less likely to find a home. He was soon took in by his family at age 3. They soon found out he was only a year old as told by the vet. He adores his human, living in any box HE WILL FIND THEM, Gillagain has been with him family for 5 years and many more to come. He will always be a part of their home.

Facts About Me
  • Age 6
  • Nicknames Gill, Gillakiss, Gilly, Gilly Billy Shino Cat, Sneezy, Kiss-Kiss
  • Dislikes When he\'s lonely, the outside (once he got outside and was lost for 7 months, only to appear in the ally behind his home).
  • Foods For some reason he mostly only likes cat food
  • Pastimes Either laying on his human or stealing a chair from another human to lay on, or somtimes sharing a pizza box with one of his brothers.
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