Mamma Mia


Meet Mamma Mia

Ms. Mamma Mia was a street walker, friendly to all she met especially other animals. She followed my nephews home one day & snuck inside the house to gobble up all the dog food. When she decided to come out - she promptly snuggled up with Kali the Bouvier & Archie the Shipoo. She was VERY tiny & looked underweight except for the big ribs - she was pregnant. We posted photos & ads but no one claimed her. I took her in, she had 5 kittens (which I found homes for) & became a

Facts About Me
  • Age approx 3 we think
  • Nicknames MIA or MEEE AAA
  • Dislikes car rides
  • Foods tuna, salmon & the occasional black tie dinner
  • Pastimes walking in the hood, chillin on the patio
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