Lemmy Kilmiceter Jr

Domestic Longhair

Meet Lemmy Kilmiceter Jr

The result of teenage pregnancy Lemmy is the fluffiest of his litter and largest of the litter. His whiskers are the longest I've ever seen, his scream for love deafening and his paws are huge. I am fairly sure there is some Maine Coon in his background. His love language is a headbutt to your head.

Facts About Me
  • Age 6
  • Nicknames Bubba, baby boy, hubba Bubba, Mr Lemmington, Sir Lemmington Kilmiceter II
  • Dislikes The outside and attention
  • Foods Kitty treats, wet food, dry food, tuna
  • Pastimes Launching my self of my mom at 2 am, sticking my nose up her nose, running from room to room, chasing my sister and aggressively grooming her and playing in the water.
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