Domestic Longhair

Meet James

James was a stray cat who was found by and given to an animal shelter. He was then adopted by his first owner, and eventually he was adopted by a second owner. He lived with his second owner for a year when she had to give him up because she moved to a place that did not allow pets. James has lived with us ever since. James is very sweet and very finicky. We love him dearly! He is a posing cat, and seems to pose for the camera.

Facts About Me
  • Age 1.5
  • Nicknames James Kitty
  • Dislikes Even one minute piece of poop in his litter box
  • Foods Almost anything Mommy is eating if she lets him, Iams Sensitive Skin dry cat food, Friskies wet canned cat food
  • Pastimes Playing, Eating, Grooming Jack (Daddy's dog)
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