Meet Me-Mau

Me-Mau showed up at our door after our dog passed away, he was injured and walked right into our house. He can be the sweetest little kitty ever, He loves it when I drape my hand over his side when he\'s taking a nap, he snuggles up and rolls on his back so I can rub his belly. He loves being chased around the house and jumping out at us! He will meow, roll on his back and stare at us until we pay attention to him, then bolts off randomly. He saved us when we saved him <3

Facts About Me
  • Age 3
  • Nicknames Me-Mew, Honey, Baby Boy, Chicken wing
  • Dislikes no one paying attention to him, going to the vet, not getting his way, loud noises, getting picked up
  • Foods Small pieces of meat, only ever 3 pieces tip of pinkie sized, Fancy Feast Chicken and Turkey cat food, Meow Mix Irrisistible cat treats
  • Pastimes Watching wildlife, napping, roughhousing, going for walks, getting chased, playing peekaboo, scaring us randomly
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