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Very distinctive freckle on right side... More
Needs Love
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Meet Paisley

She is almost like a taupe brown color.. Not a reg golden type brown. In fact she sometimes looks burgundy/wine colored.. If u can believe it?! She's most def a "true cat".. In that she plays "head games".. And we hv a luv/hate "frenemy" kind of thing going on.. Whn i visit my aunt and see her. She pretends she dsnt like me and runs whn i enter.. But thn shes constantly following me arnd.. Frm a distance of course. And whn i go behnd closed doors.. She comes in to see whr I'm at and wht Im doin.

Facts About Me
  • Age 5 yrs old
  • Nicknames Paiser
  • Dislikes Going to bed for the night
  • Foods Wet small cans - anything chicken - no dry food
  • Pastimes Lounging
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