Snickers Schramm

Norwegian Forest

Meet Snickers Schramm

Snickers Schramm loves the sunny spots all over the house. In spite of her luxurious fur and magnificent ruff, she wants warmth above all! Electric blanket, heating pad, and mommy's soft shoulders for sleeping are requirements. Standing orders for Fancy Feast, Friskies Treats, Cat Chow are met by her staff; fresh water is provided on the bed table. Laser lights, an old string and 4 stinky blue sponges are her favorite toys..."you bedder not touch da spongies". 

Facts About Me
  • Age 12 years old.
  • Nicknames Mrs. Shawn Lee, Harriet Tubman, Porla, Mrs. Shawnee Pinata.
  • Dislikes "Don't be touchin' my sponge-babies, you old spider-finger."
  • Foods Fancy Feast, Paul Newman; 1 teaspoon of anything very expensive.
  • Pastimes Laying in sun. Whining and crying to go outside.
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