Meet Stanley

You want me to describe my Stanree? WELL- he is 35% psycho, 35% cuddle monster and 30% fooood. He turns anything into a toy- Qtips, socks, the nut thingy in the center of an Avocado. If he’s not playing with something- he ninja sneak attacks his little brother (which I personally feel he thinks is either an oversized rat OR an alien). OH- and if I move slightly in my sleep, he’ll think I’m awake and run right into my arms for cuddles, OF COURSE I DONT MIND- but dude it’s 4:37 in the morning.

Facts About Me
  • Age 6 months
  • Nicknames Stanree
  • Dislikes Getting his nails cut
  • Foods Literally ANYTHING
  • Pastimes Cuddling with mommy
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