Water Woes: Your Cat’s Instinctual Water Drinking Needs

Why your cat won’t drink from her water bowl


Why Your Cat Needs to Play and How To Do It Right!

How to use play to benefit your cat—and prevent behaviour issues

Top Stories

Spring/Summer 2021

The Divine Feline

Belinda Alexandra

In The Divine Feline, author Belinda Alexandra celebrates the exceptional bond between women and their cats. Sharing her experiences as a cat fancier along with stories of women and cats throughout history, she sheds light on behavioural and philosophical issues faced in the cat world. The ultimate nod to cat ladies and their fierce little companions!

Spring/Summer 2021

Let’s Talk About Cats

Anita Kelsey

Cats can be mysterious creatures! Let’s Talk About Cats features interviews and conversations with feline experts such as Jackson Galaxy and shares fascinating case studies that illuminate confounding and challenging behaviours.

Spring/Summer 2021

Hemingway’s Cats

Lindsey Hooper

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s love of polydactyl cats, new novel Hemingway’s Cats follows recent college graduate Laura Lange as she journeys to Key West to work as a tour guide at the famous Hemingway House. What she’s not expecting is her trip and new job to completely change her life. Full of colourful feline and human characters alike and filled with humour, romance, and adventure, this story charms and delights.

Spring/Summer 2021

Feline Philosophy

John Gray

There’s a lot to be learned from cats, as John Gray’s Feline Philosophy reveals. Gray explores the similarities humans and cats share and, in examining these traits, illustrates how humans can learn to embrace and endure life’s highs and lows and take life in stride as our cats do.

Spring/Summer 2021

Four Cuts Too Many

Debra H. Goldstein

Cozy mystery fans will delight in Four Cuts Too Many, the latest installment in the Sarah Blair mystery series. Between her job as a law firm receptionist, co-owning a restaurant with her twin sister, and caring for her pets, Siamese cat RahRah and rescue pup Fluffy, Sarah has a busy schedule. Still, she finds herself needing to make time to sharpen her sleuthing skills in order to clear her friend’s name after a local culinary school director is found with a knife in his back. Will Sarah solve this delicious mystery? You’ll have fun finding out. 

Spring/Summer 2021

Schroedinger the Wonder Cat

Aaron Rosen

A beautiful story that encompasses the fourteen years of living with the world’s most amazing feline, this book shows the love and adoration that author Aaron Rosen has for his cat, Schroedinger. Cat parents will recognize and laugh at Schroedinger’s feline antics and enjoy following their heartwarming life journey together as a family. Learn more and get the book here!

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