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The Tiniest Kittens Need Your Help!

Bottle babies are the most vulnerable felines. Here’s how you can help save these adorable orphaned newborns.


When Cats are Stressed & Depressed

How to identify and minimize chronic stress in cats

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Spring/Summer 2020


By Pam Johnson-Bennett

Feline behaviour expert Pam Johnson-Bennett pulls on vast experience from her pioneering 30-year career as a cat behaviour consultant to answer the 150 most-asked questions from bewildered cat parents. This comprehensive guide explains the why’s behind our feline companions more puzzling actions, solves problematic behaviour, and will improve your relationship with your cat. A must-have for your library of essential cat books or an ideal gift for a new cat parent.

Spring/Summer 2020

The Meaning of Meow

By Pamela Weintraub

Prepare to devour The Meaning of Meow, written by Pamela Weintraub, the former editor-in-chief of OMNI and executive editor of Discover. The author of 16 books has devoted the past two years to the feline mind, delving into cat psychology; the result is this fascinating read. Featuring the world’s top experts and veterinarians, as well as cat owners, it explores a wide array of cat-topics from how to raise a kitten to become a great cat, to understanding your cat’s purrs, meows, and body language.

Spring/Summer 2020

Lizzie’s Heart

By Susan Lantz Simpson

This charming novel is a delight! In her tight-knit Amish community, kind-hearted, impulsive Lizzie Fisher has almost as many secrets as she has chores. Whenever she can, she sneaks away to care for an abandoned litter of kittens in her care and to hone her disapproved-of drawing skills by sketching her adorable charges. Things get complicated when handsome Stephen Zimmerman “helps” her out of trouble. She finds they both have lovelorn siblings and together they embark on a matchmaking scheme—only to find the siblings aren’t the ones falling in love.

Spring/Summer 2020

The Cat

By Sarah Brown

Cat is a fascinating exploration of the natural and cultural history of our feline best friends. This comprehensive look at everything ‘cat’ dives into evolution, biology, behaviour, and much more, offering insight and surprising facts about kitten development, social organization, how cats think, communication between cats and people, historic and extinct breeds, and much, much more. Paired with over 250 stunning photos and including a beautiful photographic directory to more than forty breeds, The Cat delights and captivates.

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