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Best Dry Cat Food of 2024

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The Best Dry Cat Food of 2024 has been selected! Browse this comprehensive list to find the tastiest and healthiest dry food for your feline friend. From pre and probiotic-loaded, to human-grade ingredients, there is an option here for all ages, breeds, and dietary needs.

1. Boat to Bowl’s Fish-First Dry Foods for Cats

First Impressions: Boat to Bowl’s Fish-First Dry Foods for Cats are available in 3 wild-caught options: Wild Salmon Recipe, Wild Seafood Recipe, and Wild Cod & Haddock.  Boat to Bowl is a new and fresh approach to nourishing your cat’s overall health and wellness. Every scoop delivers flavorful, highly digestible, and nutrient-dense wild-caught fish that cats instinctively crave. Fish is packed with lean protein, a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, and essential Omega-3 fatty acids, which reward a boatload of functional health benefits. Boat to Bowl offers responsibly caught, premium upcycled wild fish in every recipe. This approach utilizes 100% of its ocean harvest while minimizing food waste. Fish is also one of the most carbon-efficient proteins on the planet, so when you choose Boat to Bowl, you’re making a difference for both your cat and our planet.

Key Features: 

  • Grain-free cat food recipe for Adult Cats
  • Rich source of Omega-3s, which promotes healthy: skin & shiny fur, digestion, immune system, and brain function
  • Excellent choice for cats dealing with food allergies, intolerances, and/or ingredient sensitivities
  • Complete, wholesome recipe packed with lean protein, pre- & probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • Free from any other animal proteins, fats, or fillers with no wheat, corn, or soy
  • Proudly made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients

Helpful Reviews:

Cats Approve! My three cats are extremely picky about the kinda food they eat so it’s been a fight to find them something. I put this down in front of them and they ate within 5 minutes. They loved it and were begging for more once they were done. To my cats it was perfect. – Kora (

Sustainably sourced and nutrient-packed!  Wow, I’ve been on the hunt for an eco-friendly cat food option for a while, and “Boat to Bowl” might just be it. I love that they use MSC-certified wild salmon – makes me feel good about what I’m giving my fur babies. The food is grain-free, which is excellent since my cats have sensitive tummies. I’ve also noticed their coats getting shinier, which I attribute to those Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids from the salmon. The ingredient list looks impressive, with natural foods like sweet potato and chickpeas. Plus, I’ve read up on the benefits of taurine for cats, and I’m glad this one includes it. The only real drawback is that it’s not for kittens but they have kitten-friendly options as well! Overall, I’d say I’m pretty satisfied. My cats seem to love it, and I feel good about the environmental aspect. If you’re looking for a sustainable and wholesome option for your adult cat, this could be the way to go! – Julie,

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2. Evanger’s Made in the USA Meat Lover’s Medley Dry Cat Foods

First Impressions: Evanger’s Made in the USA Meat Lover’s Medley Dry Cat Food combines three unique meats: Buffalo, Pork, and Rabbit for a delicious medley of meats for the obligate carnivore. This food uses nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables instead of grains for optimal feline health. For all breeds and all life stages, this Evanger’s Meat Lover’s Medley cat food formula contains probiotics and prebiotics to support healthy immune and digestive systems, as well as omegas 3 and 6 for healthy joints, skin, and coat.  Available in convenient 4.4 lb. bags.  Also available in Evanger’s USA Catch of the Day Dry Cat Food.

Key Features: 

  • Great for finicky felines
  • Novel protein sources
  • Grain-Free
  • Rich in Omegas
  • Superfood lentils inside
  • Coconut Oil added for digestive health, skin and coat health, and natural Lauric Acid properties, which contain antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties
  • Now with Alltech™ Proteinated Trace Minerals
  • Now with Prebiotics

Helpful Reviews:

“I thought my cat had 3 months to live – she had a lot of health issues. Then I found your [Evanger’s cat] foods, and both of my cats made a remarkable turnaround. I am so enthusiastic about Evanger’s and my cats are doing great. I am working with my vet and she is impressed with how well they’re doing. I am so grateful I found this food.” – Margot W.

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3. Jack’s Premium Air Dried Cat Food

First Impressions: Jack’s Premium air-dried food is an all-natural recipe cooked low and slow to lock in the majority of the nutrients. This feed is a complete and balanced meal with meat and organs with added vitamins and minerals. It can be fed as a sole diet or mixed with any other food for an extra-tasty meal! Animal protein is the best source of protein for your cat, and these recipes will help support your cat’s overall health, wellness, and longevity. The goodness doesn’t stop there – each scoop of food contains carefully selected functional ingredients. No fillers, nasties, or artificial additives. It’s your cat’s delicious, well-balanced nutrition plan in a few convenient scoops. Easy substitute for any raw or frozen diet, easy to serve for pets on the go! No refrigeration needed!

Key Features: 

  • Made of 90% meat, organs, and bones
  • No Seed Oils
  • Contains Microalgae oil
  • Made in Small Batches

Helpful Reviews: 

There’s something to that stereotype about finicky cats! Our two, two-year-old cats are picky. They eat their grain-free canned food daily. However, they do need to chew on mice for their teeth. Since I can’t provide them with a regular carnivore-based diet and keep them safe inside, I am transitioning them to air-dried raw. The change is not instant. I mixed this food with their dry food. At first, the food went un-eaten but gradually they are eating it. And they will be better for it. This formula doesn’t contain any of the fillers or gross stuff of other foods. It is expensive — but quality is expensive. And this food is nutrient-dense. Your cats don’t need a lot of it. Overall when feeding your pets, quality in lesser amounts actually saves money in the long run — no teeth cleaning, geriatric medications, and a long healthful life. I’m glad I found this for these kitties.

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4. Smack Very Berry for Cats

First Impressions: Cats can be notoriously picky carnivores, but Smack’s 5000+ five-star reviews beg to differ. Smack packs 12oz of delicious Canadian chicken and salmon into each 2.5 cup bag, using human-grade ingredients to handcraft biologically-appropriate recipes that are sure to keep your picky kitty purrrring during mealtime. Smack doesn’t use any fillers, meaning all of your cat’s nutrients come from all-natural, whole foods. These clean ingredients provide immune system support, improved digestive function,  healthier skin and a shinier coat, anti-inflammatory benefits, and cancer-fighting properties. Bonus? Smack is appropriate for all stages and ages of life, from kitten to senior citizen! Ingredients: Chicken, Salmon, Chicken Liver*, Chicken Gizzard*, Chicken Heart*, Cranberry*, Blueberry*, Parsley*, Thyme*, Strawberry*, Celery*, Turmeric*, Tocopherols*.

Key Features:

  • 92% Wild-Caught, sustainably-sourced Canadian Salmon & free-range Chicken (Bone-In & organs)
  • 8% Organic, non-GMO superfood fruits & veggies, with ZERO fillers – only natural vitamins and minerals from whole foods.
  • Scoop & Serve the convenience of kibble with the nutritional benefits of a raw diet; or mix with water for a raw, meaty stew!

Helpful Review:

All of my cats are eating smack now and have noticeably healthy coats and my one cat with allergies no longer has skin or dandruff problems. Definitely recommend. – Alana F

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5. Tiki Cat® Born Carnivore® Dry Cat Food

First Impressions: Cats are natural carnivores. Give them the meat they crave with Tiki Cat® Born Carnivore® High Protein grain-free, low-carb kibble. Tiki Cat® Born Carnivore® kibble is baked for maximum flavor and nutrients and features 43% protein from real, high-quality chicken and nutrient-rich superfoods like ground whole flaxseed, pumpkin, and salmon oil.

Key Features:

  • 43% protein guaranteed
  • Complete and balanced for all life stages
  • Real chicken is the first ingredient
  • No animal by-products
  • No corn, wheat, or soy
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • 100% non-GMO

Helpful Reviews: 

Vet recommended this for a highly active cat – think of a dog that meows. Enzo loves playing catch, doing laps around the house, and swimming in bathtub. This food helps keep his energy levels up and isn’t full of filler that you see in other brands. – Robert

I wanted to make sure my cat was always enjoying her food, and once I found TikiCat I finally felt good about the food I was giving her. I’ve been strictly buying TikiCat for the past two years, and my girl still loves it. – Kenyana

Let me start by saying we switched our two calico cats over from a science diet brand to this. The change was remarkable. I would recommend trying. – Jason

We went through trying several foods before we found this brand and flavor. The ingredients list seems quality, and my two girls absolutely love it! Great cat food and their fur remains soft.- William

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