Cat Life

35 of the Cutest Cat Dads

Cat dads and the adorable felines they love

Huey and Matthew

Princess and Steve

Ben and Jasmine

Spaz and Rick

Joe Jr. and Joe Sr.

Houdini and Harley

Wheeze and Joe

Molly and Leonard

Auggie and Todd

Pippin and Gerald

Sasha and Bob

Yoda and Bob

Gryphon and Leo

Atticus and Clint

Benson and Dan

Charlie and Mitch

Louie and Vinny

Rambo and Dean

Arie and Jared

Brutus and Troy

Jasmine and Arjun

Leonidas and Ken

Christopher and Don

Charlie and Curtis

Pheobe and Cecil

Lexi and Mark

Pickle and Tim

Gertrude and Nick

Kimo and Marcel

Jamie and Edmund

Rose and Mike

Impala and Charlie

Samson and Brian

Kizmit and Tom

Jack and Micah

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