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How Long Can a Cat Stay Home Alone?

How long can cats be left alone? Experts agree this is the maximum amount of time

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The stereotype that cats are solitary and fine on their own is false. Cats struggle with change, can experience separation anxiety, and require regular care. Most vets agree that cats should be left alone for no more than 24 hours.

If you leave your cat alone for longer than 24 hours, there are significant safety issues. Cats left alone could:

⇢ Become shut or locked in a room without access to their food and water

⇢ Get hurt or sick from falls, ingesting something they shouldn’t, etc.

⇢ Become trapped in small spaces

⇢ Spill their water and have nothing to drink

You’ll need to have someone check in on your cat at least once a day while you’re away to make sure they are okay and can receive veterinary care if needed. Cats also need company.

If you have been away, look for these signs of separation anxiety in your cat:

⇢ Destructive behaviour

⇢ Excessive hiding, grooming, and/or vocalization

⇢ “Accidents” (eliminating outside of the litter box)

⇢ Refusal to eat or drink

Bottom line: If you are going to be away longer than 24 hours, have a neighbour check in on your cat daily or hire a cat sitter. Most cats prefer to stay in their own home, but if this isn’t possible, cat boarding is also an option.

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