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Healthy Paws – Fall/Winter 2023

Solutions for everything from picky eating to bad breath!

By: Modern Cat

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1. Cat Food for Picky Cats

Made with real fish and all-natural ingredients, Snappy Tom Naturals’ Ocean Fish with Salmon is every-day premium food cats love, in an easy-to-open pouch. The pure fish protein tempts even picky eaters! ($2,

2. Feline Acne Solved

If your cat has feline acne or facial irritation, you need Vetericyn Plus Feline Antimicrobial Facial Therapy. This antibiotic and steroid-free liquid formula cleans, soothes, and prevents potential infection. It’s safe if licked or ingested and won’t sting! ($14,

3. A Better Grooming Experience

Keep the cat hair under control with a pair of HandsOn Grooming Gloves. Simply pet your cat with these gloves on (use wet or dry) to remove loose hair, massage muscles, stimulate circulation, and maintain your cat’s skin and coat health. Your cat will love these gloves! ($25,

4. Food for a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight and mobility is key to preventing health issues. Go! Solutions Weight Management + Joint Care’s grain-free chicken recipe can help your cat stay fit, active, and full of life! Its blend of lean protein, healthy fats, and functional ingredients—like L-carnitine to help burn fat and chondroitin to help maintain healthy, mobile joints—is loved by cats. (from $23,

5. No More Peeing Outside of the Box!

Is your cat routinely having “accidents” or rejecting their litter box? Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Clumping Clay Cat Litter boasts a unique blend of natural clay and cat-safe herbs that attract cats to their litter box! Great for both single and multi-cat homes. (from $20,

6. Outsmart Odours

Bid litter smells adieu! The Purrr Litter Twist’r outsmarts odours in multiple ways: patented twist technology seals in odours, activated charcoal absorbs smells, and a seven-layer bag traps odour molecules. Each bag holds up to 17 pounds of litter and lasts up to 14 days for a fresh home and a happy cat! ($50,

7. A Peak Prey Diet from New Zealand

ZIWI Peak wet cat food features up to 92 percent meat, organs, seafood, and bone, all ethically and sustainably sourced from New Zealand. An added superfoods blend of poultry heart, New Zealand green mussels, and organic kelp make this a nutritional powerhouse. As their tagline says, this is what your cat would choose in the wild. ($60 for 24 cans,

8. Lightweight Litter, Superior Odour Control

Catalyst Pet’s sustainable, lightweight Soft Wood cat litters clump well and offer excellent odour control. With Multi-Cat, Healthy Cat, and Unscented formulas, there’s a litter to meet every need! ($20,

9. Spritz Away Bad Breath and Plaque

Oxyfresh’s flavour-free, picky-cat-approved dental spray helps prevent plaque buildup, reduce periodontal issues, and maintain healthy gum tissue with no hassle. Their proprietary bad breath-fighting ingredient, Oxygene, works on contact to safely eliminate odors caused by bacteria in your cat’s mouth. ($17,

10. Goodbye Tangles

You need this brush. Designed to gently glide through your cat’s coat to remove small knots and tangles, the ConairProPet Cat Comb has durable stainless-steel pins and a memory gel-grip handle for comfort and control while grooming. ($12,

11. Sustainable, Healthy Litter

Reduce your cat’s environmental pawprint with the ökocat Original Premium Clumping Wood Cat Litter! This sustainably sourced litter is soft on paws, controls odour, has a fresh natural scent, and is long-lasting. Bonus: it is also free from powdery dust! (from $13,

12. A Probiotic Just for Cats

Improve your cat’s gut health and support a healthy immune system with FeliOtic, the only daily liquid probiotic developed from cats and for cats! The lactobacillus reuteri in FeliOtic is feline-sourced and helps to replenish your cat’s natural gut flora with good bacteria. ($24,

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By: Modern Cat
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