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9 Foods to Never Give to Your Cat

"People" foods to avoid

1. Chocolate
Chocolate contains 2 ingredients that are lethal to cats: theobromine, which is toxic to most animals, even in small amounts, and caffeine, which cats are far more sensitive to than we are. As much as we love chocolate, no amount is safe for cats and any chocolate related products (cocoa powder, pudding, even white chocolate) should be kept out of reach of little kitty paws. Most cats aren’t interested in chocolate and will stay away from it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.



2. Onion
Onions contain N-propyl disulphide which causes anemia and, thereby, jaundice (yellow discolouration in lips and eyelids, as well as skin in light-skinned cats). Onions cause the breakdown of red blood cells in cats, and as these are the cells that carry oxygen around the body, it can cause weakness and shortness of breath. A toxic dose for the average cat can be just a few slices. No onions whatsoever, whether fresh, dried, or powdered.



3. Uncooked potatoes & tomatoes
Both these plants come from the deadly nightshade family. Eaten raw, they are likely to cause cats gastrointestinal distress. Cooked tomatoes and potatoes, however, have no toxic effects. (Eating green potatoes, cooked or not, can cause cardiac issues, hallucinations and paralysis, but as they are bitter this is not likely to be an issue.)



4. Milk & milk products
As kittens, cats can drink cow’s milk, but as they grow up cats become intolerant to lactose, a sugar found in cow’s milk, and can no longer digest dairy products. Even a few laps of milk or a tidbit of cheese can cause gastrointestinal pain and diarrhea in adult cats. Lactose-free milk or live culture yogurt, however, can be given at any age.



5. Yeast dough
A cat’s warm, moist tummy is the perfect place for yeast to expand, which can cause a whole slew of issues.The ingestion of yeast dough can cause severe abdominal pain, intestinal rupture, and even alcohol poisoning as the dough rises and expands and the yeast ferments. If you’re worried about your cat jumping on the counter while you’re baking, keep her in a separate room until all the cleanup is done.



6. Grapes & raisins
We often think that what’s healthy for us must be healthy for our pets. But this is not always the case. While the exact reason behind their toxicity is still unknown, grapes and raisins may cause kidney failure, vomiting, and diarrhea in cats. Every cat is different, so the ingestion of a grape or raisin won’t definitively cause kidney failure, it’s better not to risk the possibility and to keep these foods out of reach of your cat.



7. Caffeine & alcohol
This one may seem obvious, and chances are these beverages would never end up in a cat dish, but if a curious cat were to lap the dregs out of a coffee cup or get into an open saucepan of penne vodka sauce, the consequences would likely be fatal as there is no cure for caffeine or alcohol poisoning in cats. Three tablespoons of 40 percent liquor is enough to prove deadly.



8. Garlic & chives
Like onions, garlic and chives can also cause anemia and gastrointestinal problems in cats. In small amounts, chives are sometimes included in commercial cat food. While this may not be enough to cause problems, don’t let your cat mistake your window box of chives for a planter of cat grass.



9. Xylitol
Xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in candy, gum, and even some toothpastes. Xylitol will produce seizures in cats soon after ingestion and liver failure a day or so after, so keep your gum out of kitty’s grasp.





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  • Mae

    Why does my cat try to eat yogurt?

  • Tracey Mortimer

    Mushrooms are poison to Cats

  • Chas

    Mae, it’s because yogurt is delicious!

  • Miles

    My cat gets up on the counter often. Is popcorn ok for cats?

  • Cheryl

    In answer to some earlier comments my cats all have adored pop corn! Yogurt gas good probiotics, good for them if plain unsweetened.

  • Jack Tchyr

    Precise and descriptive advice, much appreciated~!~

  • Edonylamont

    Was giving our kitten a cream based drink and dry food, she developed bladder stones and had to have an operation. It cost a lot and was worried she would not make it. She was 3 yrs old then and it took many weeks to get her to eat wet food. She is still obstinate when we try to feed her the chicken from Fancy Feast but she does eventually eat it. She is also on a prescription diet and is doing well now. The food she likes is Science Diet which is good for her.

  • Gail

    My vet commented that although brands like Fancy Feast and Friskies have been given to cats for eons, it’s the “McDonald’s” of cat food. A higher grade wet food is recommended.

  • Alyssia corbett

    I keep food out of my kitty
    cat’s 🐈 paw reach even soda, she stays away from caffeine soda, and stays away from chocolate she knows its bad for her she is just a kitten she’s not even 3 years old yet. Thank you for the information on the 9 important foods not to let your kitty 🐈 go near ever!!

  • Donna A. Anderson

    My cat LOVES milk, she handles just fine.

  • Faria Qureshi

    heinz baby food > beef with broth and chicken with broth is good for cats with digestive problems or stomach sensitivity. Nothing else from the heinz brand as it contains salt, onions and garlic which are toxic.



  • Laural

    Priscilla, don’t whip your cat!!! If he has loose stools and then wipes his butt on ground, it is because he is trying to clean himself. Instead take a wet warm paper towel, and clean his butt. Stop feeding him the milk product that is making him have diarrhea.

  • Mink

    In your article “how to detoxify your cats body…” you have garlic as a detox ingredient but in this article it appears as a ” no no”. The correct one is this one. Garlic is PURE POISON, I had patients drooling point blank because of it. In fact garlic and onions run in the same category as they are both from the “Allium” group (like scallions, shallots, leek, and chives) all these are a no go for cats. Please correct this so readers wont make a mistake by following garlic as a detox treatment.

  • Elisabeth

    My 3 month old cat just had a tiny bit of lemon and I read that it’s super toxic what should I do

  • Alyssia Corbett

    I try my best to not ever feed my baby human food, unless she is begging for just a little bit even if it’s just a little bit of chicken or tiny bit of pizza bread that’s about it besides that nope she eats only her dry food.

  • Ravi kumar

    How to avoid milk from my kittens 4months.

  • Paul

    Anybody who hits their cat should be put in jail. Nobody better hit their cat when I’m around. What kind of moron does that?

  • Rksku

    Thanks for the useful info.

    You all realise priscilla has most likely had an autocorrect fail and means wipe not whip right?

  • Sunny

    @Priscilla Tinsman… So you “whip your cat”? …hope not your 19 year old senior cat. Shame on you. Hope I run into you on the streets so I can whip yo a**.

  • Angela

    My tips:
    Please consider healthy food. Forget what commercials tell you is healthy. Ask a vet or a cat food store employee about healthiest food. Locally made. No fillers. Fancy feast= macdonalds and iams= A&W. science diet= Burger King. Seriously there are WAY better brands that spend money on quality ingredients not advertising. No dairy. Plain organic unsweetened yogurt is lactose free and healthy for your babies. Google questions. Check many sources. Vets are EXPENSIVE. Make a special savings account just for pet emergencies. In the meantime you can do a lot yourself. Cats will get sick easily from human food. Especially high salt, sugar, sour, spicy foods. Just buy the good stuff and stick to one brand. Changing brands will make them sick. They can get sad too. Pay attention. Quality wet food is expensive but less good stuff is WAY BETTER than more crappy stuff. They will thank you with less vet bills, less puking and shiny beautiful coats. If in doubt of good wet food, human grade tuna on sale is about the same price as high end wet cat food and it’s perfectly healthy! DONT BELIEVE COMMERCIALS THEY LIE. Good luck!

  • Joan MacDonald

    @Paul, 24 August 2020
    I think the lady meant to say “wipe”, not whip.

  • Ry

    My cat seems addicted to Tim hortans coffee whenever I have one she will come running over even if she sleeping and I crack the lid but I not it’s prob obv really bad for cats so I don’t give it so her she got in my cup before lol seems to only be timmies coffee absolutely loves it.

  • Sara


  • Karuna Chooramun

    Other than milk, what should be given to kitten?
    Kitten likes to drink milk.

  • TERI

    LAURAL, I believe you and several others on here OWE PRISCILLA a BIG APOLOGY !!! You all Fussed and Bitched at her for Whipping her cat. When IN FACT it was Auto-correct that screwed up. PRISCILLA was Typing in WIPE and AUTO-CORRECT Put WHIP In to Replace it. I WILL BEGIN. PRISCILLA, I APOLOGIZE FOR EVERYONE BADMOUTHING YOU. I KNOW AUTO-CORRECT MADE THE MISTAKE AND YOU DO NOT WHIP YOUR CAT. (At least I hope not. You actually never really made an attempt to defend yourself. Hmm…


    Karuna, you asked what else you can give your kittens besides milk. Try soaking some dry food in milk or water until it becomes soft enough for them to eat. You can also try a little bit of canned food at a time. Preferably the minced type. You can even mix just a small amount of gravy from the cat food in with the softened food. Of course all options are dependent on the age of the kittens and whether or not they have teeth. Also, be prepared that whenever you change an animals food, whether it be kittens, puppies or any young animal, their stool is going to get very soft, possibly even diarrhea. It is just a normal stage that their gut goes through. It is best to gradually begin a new food. Like the softened food for the kittens. The food you soften for them should be the dry food you intend on trying to give them in the future. If you are going to give canned food, (which I do not think is the best idea) then you should be using this also to blend in with the softened food. ***Just keep in mind*** All These Steps of Introducing New Foods to Kittens, Puppies and even when changing an adult animals diet, Should Be Done Extremely Gradually As to Give The Digestive Track Time to Adjust!

  • Winsome Gray

    I have two cats, one is 6 months and the other is 8 months. What bothering me is that they doesn’t play as much anymore.

  • Madonna

    @Laural, @Paul and @Sunny – Take context into consideration. Pricilla obviously loves her cats. WHIP was a typo, she meant WIPE.

  • Daaim Shabazz

    None of you all were alert enough… even those who tried to take up for Priscilla. Cool Whip is a dairy-based whip cream you put on desserts. So she means to say “Cool Whip” when referring to the dairy product, not “wipe.” She doesn’t whip her cats, but she feeds them Cool Whip.

  • SJ

    I also suspect, from the misuse of other words in Priscilla’s comment, that ‘run’ should be rug, ‘have’ should be has and ‘whip’ is wipe.

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