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Secrets to Good Feline Health—#1

Seven secrets to choosing the best food for your cat

Secret #1: Tinned food vs. dry food
There is some controversy around cat food and whether tinned or “wet” food is better than dry. While any well balanced ration will meet your cat’s nutrient needs, there are a few points in favour of canned foods. Tinned cat food typically contains 70 to 80 percent moisture, while dry cat food typically contains 5 to 10 percent moisture. If you have a cat that needs to consume more water, such as a cat with bladder stones or crystals, feeding a wet food may be a good way of getting that water into her. Cats are notoriously poor drinkers, and allowing cats to get a portion (in some cases half) of their daily water requirement through their food can be very helpful.

Wet foods tend to have fewer grains or carbohydrates added to them and tend to be higher in protein than dry foods. Since cats are carnivores, it’s very important for them to have protein from animal sources. One argument in favour of a kibble-based diet is that it is better for a cat’s dental health; however, unless you’re purchasing a specific dental diet kibble, most dry foods do not provide enough abrasion to prevent tartar build up on teeth. If this is a concern for your cat, talk to your vet about options for oral hygiene.

Cat EatingDry foods also tend to be left out and fed “free-choice” to cats, which can contribute to weight gain. Excess consumption, even just a few extra kibbles each day, combined with the higher proportion of carbohydrates present in dry food are not conducive to keeping your cat slim. Both wet and dry foods can provide a nutritionally balanced diet and each have advantages in certain situations, so it really comes down to individual choice. Dry foods are convenient and do allow for greater flexibility for busy owners, while wet foods have a preferable protein to carb ratio, as well as some other benefits (especially for cats with health issues, such as urinary crystals). If possible, at least part of your cat’s diet should come from a canned food.

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  • mandy smith

    I feed them both, tinned meat is their main meal, whilst a bowl of kibbles is there for the odd snack… I might add, pricier kibbles doesn’t always mean top quality, example iams meat percentage in kibbles tend to be around the 14%mark in a 3kg bag around £12
    WEBBOX cat kibbles contain around 20/30% protein, meat, and is only £5/6 per 2kg.

  • Love Petique

    Tuna nuggets, tuna steak and hooked paw me turkey tendon are nutritious and natural treats for pet cats. These treats are best for petique pets because its a tuna they can enjoy while maintaining good health. This is every pet parents dream treat for their fur ball.

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