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Bill Gates Was My Reddit Secret Santa

By: Eleanor Munk

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Check this out–what a great PR move!

Unbeknownst to Reddit user Megan Cummins, a very prominent individual had drawn her name in an online Secret Santa: none other than billionaire Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest (if not the wealthiest!) man in the world.

Bill Gates has participated in this Reddit Secret Santa since 2009. Even better, he didn’t just send out an employee to buy Cummins a random, generic gift. Instead, he conducted some research to find out some of Cummins’ preferences, and discovered that she had a great love for cats.

As a result, when Cummins was visited by a delivery person from FedEx, her gift included: a 30 pound plush “Pusheen” the cat figure, $750 in donations to cat shelters, a Pusheen ornament, a book on cat shelters, a business book since Cummins works with startups, and a cardboard Dr. Who Tardis for cats, amongst many other gifts!

Merry Christmas, Megan! You’re one lucky gal.

This is definitely an incentive for us to participate in the Reddit Secret Santa next year!





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