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Fall/Winter 2016

  • Silas Series

    Grannie Snow

    Children and adults will thoroughly enjoy these beautifully illustrated, heart-warming adventures of Silas and Opal. The Silas Series, written in rhyme, contains many teaching messages to share with your child.

  • The Total Cat Manual

    David Meyer, Abbie Moore, and Dr. Pia Salk

    With over 200 top tips from the experts at, this fantastic book contains everything you need to know about your feline friend! From adoption and care to behaviour and communication, this comprehensive guide to cats will benefit new and experienced owners alike. Brush up on the basics or learn behavioural tips to troubleshoot problems more successfully. The care and health information will ensure your cat is entertained, fit and safe in their home! Perfect when preparing for a new kitten or expanding your knowledge of your family cat, The Total Cat Manual offers high quality design, intricate detail, and a durable flexicover making this manual the perfect holiday gift!

  • Life Works Itself Out (And Then You Nap)

    Keiya Mizuno and Naoki Naganuma

    A national best seller in Japan, authors Keiya Mizuno and Naoki Naganuma create a hilariously heart warming read in Life Works Itself Out (And Then You Nap). A collection of adorable cat photographs along with words of kitty wisdom reveals that people can stand to learn a few things from their feline friends. The meaningful quotes from renowned intellectuals, philosophers and cultural icons will leave you motivated and moved while the charming images keep it light hearted and entertaining. With plenty of personality on every page you will not be able to put this adorable book down!

  • The Trainable Cat

    John Bradshaw and Sarah Ellis

    When thinking of training, most cat owners brush off the thought and assume their cat is too independent to follow any guidelines or rules. However, training your cat can help it overcome its inhibitions, fears, and anxieties (the vet can be a scary place!). Not only this but by comprehending our cats emotions and needs we are able to more successfully communicate with them. This ensures a happy cat and owner as well as strengthening the bond between you! Full of training tips and exercises for nearly every scenario The Trainable Cat is the essential bible for cat owners and lovers.

  • Cat vs Human - Fairy Tails

    Yasmine Surovec

    A collection of lighthearted comics based on traditional fairy tales are whimsically altered to revolve around cats. Through charming illustrations Yasmine Surovec hilariously remixes the original stories by including curious and inquisitive kitties that alter the typical endings. The endearing illustrations and easy to read comic style will make you fall in love with Cat vs Human – Fairy Tails.

  • Business Cat - Money Power Treats

    Started as a digital comic that went viral, Tom Fonder has published his collection of online musings in this laugh-inducing book that you will not be able to get through without smiling. The adventures of Business Cat features a feline CEO going about his daily routine and the hilarious hijinks he gets caught up in.

  • Manfred the Cat

    Ray Di Pietro

    hi. i'm manfred the cat. is a cute, quirky, funny illustrated little book for everyone—especially if you love cats. Written and illustrated by Ray Di Pietro, this book will delight every cat owner who understands a cat's joy in knocking over beverages, stealing your shoe box and falling asleep on your face.

  • Call of the Cats: What I Learned About Life and Love from a Feral Colony

    Andrew Colony

    Sometimes life has plans for you—a course you couldn’t possibly have anticipated—and by stepping up to the unexpected challenge you find yourself right where you were supposed to be. This is exactly what happened when Andrew Bloomfield found himself crashing on the couch of an ex-girlfriend’s modest bungalow in Southern California, his Hollywood dreams thus far dashed. When he discovers the wild perimeter of his new backyard is home to a colony of feral cats, he slowly finds himself drawn into their care, a financially ruinous, sleep-depriving mission that consumes 20 years and utterly transforms both him and his life’s trajectory. In his resonate memoir Bloomfield describes the tumultuous saga—the challenges, joys, rewards, and transformative life lessons learned in caring for this wild group of felines.

  • Fuddles and Puddles

    Frans Vischer

    Cats are generally the unquestioned rulers of their domain—that is, until a pesky dog happens to intrude on their blissful reign and upsets the balance! That’s precisely what happens to top cat Fuddles when her owners bring home a slobbering, howling, floor-wetting dog suitably named Puddles. But can “frenemies” become best fur-friends? This lovingly illustrated book hilariously renders the age-old cats and dogs dynamic with an adorable ending kids will love!

  • Kit Kat & Lucy

    Lonnie Hull DuPont

    Discover the true story of two miracle cats who nuzzled their way into a woman’s life – and helped her realize that she was really the one in need of rescue. After a big move from the bustling city into the serene countryside, Lonnie is immediately nostalgic for the concrete jungle, but thanks to her mischievous new friends they work through it together. Full of charming personalities, Kit Kat & Lucy will remind you to cherish the relationships in your life between both human and feline.

  • They Call Me Destiny

    Destiny Kalser with Fern Field Brooks

    They Call Me Destiny is a heartwarming story of an orphaned kitten’s journey from a gutter in the Bronx, to a fancy condo in Manhattan (and weekends in the Hamptons!). Written from the perspective of Destiny, a lovable kitten who offers an interesting and hilarious perspective of us human beings, you are sure to experience a range of emotions from laughter to tears when reading this lovely story. This is the first book of a trilogy so you’ll have even more stories to enjoy once you finish this one!

  • Poetry From Scratch

    Jennifer McCartney

    Poetry From Scratch is a touching book of verse revolving around, and inspired by our feline friends. With more than 50 original cat poems it gives a voice to all those struggling cat poets out there. Cats who just want to write about joyful sunbeams, chasing mice, or lament the lack of food in their dish. All important cat issues. Offering a variety of styles from haikus to limericks and everything in between, there is something for everyone in this wonderful book.

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