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Turkish Van

The ancient, semi-longhaired breed from Asia

By: Kelly Caldwell

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The Turkish Van is an ancient semi-longhaired breed that was developed in central and southwest Asia, including parts of Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. Shortly after, it was then brought to England in the 1950’s where the breed was further developed. Due to the fact that this breed is from a rather cold climate, the Turkish Van has a semi-longhaired soft coat that is often compared to cashmere.


The Turkish Van’s single-coated fur has a very soft texture and is water-resistant, something this water-loving can appreciate. Yes, this is a cat that swims! The breed’s eyes may be blue or amber, or even one of each. The semi-longhaired coat on a Turkish Van is surprisingly easy to groom, and can be managed with a brush through once a week. The majority of the Turkish Van’s body is white, with patches of colour, ranging from


Known for their high energy and playful attitude, the Turkish Van is quite the opposite of a lap cat. If you are out of the house frequently, this is not your breed! When they are not in the company of their human friends, they enjoy having various toys throughout the house to keep them occupied and from destroying your home. Don’t be alarmed if you find your Turkish Van jumping to the tops of books shelves or high ledges, their strong back legs allow them to jump to high places.

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