DIY Craft – Scout’s Honour!

Super-cute camp-inspired badges made for adorning everything from your sweater to a jar of treats

We created this awesome set of downloadable Scout-style badges that can be used in multiple ways, all to very cool effect. To download the badges click here.

How? Use them on your cat's carrier or as a patch for your own sweater or to decorate a jar of homemade treats. Or use them simply as stickers on all and sundry in need of some pizzazz, like a package for a friend.

Download the artwork and then…

  • Print them onto a sticky label sheet and cut them out to use as stickers on letters, gifts or on party-favour packages of candy or homemade cat biscuits
  • Print them onto an iron-on transfer sheet (available at craft stores) and iron transfer the print onto clothing
  • For sewable badges, print them onto an iron-on transfer sheet, iron that transfer onto white cloth then cut out and sew the badges onto whatever you’d like—backpacks, bandanas, you name it! The perfect touch of cat-inspiredwhimsy for your fall wardrobe!

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  • Tanya

    I have another badge idea.


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