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Good Karma

Handcrafted cat caves are doing a world of good

Husband-and-wife team Jamyang Lodoe and Jennifer Neufeld are all about good karma. They make absolutely beautiful, handcrafted pet baskets and toys under the name Dharma Dog Karma Cat, partnering directly with socially conscious artisans, women’s collectives, and family run businesses throughout Tibet, India, and Nepal. In doing so they provide reliable income for hundreds of families. We can’t get enough of their socially conscious company ethics and the beautiful ombré tones of their cat caves, which are simply a dream, providing a soft, comfortable place for cats to hide, play, and sleep. Handcrafted by women’s collectives high in Nepal, the cat caves are made using traditional techniques and a blend of Tibetan and New Zealand wools. The hand-felted wool is odour-resistant and anti-microbial, and, thanks to the high lanolin content, which cats love, it has the added benefit of keeping paws and fur soft. In short, cats love the natural fiber and every cat cave supports the female artisans and their families, helping to keep traditions alive.

"We're committed to providing good income and using environmentally friendly production so there’s no bad stuff going back into the water," Jennifer says. "We really put so much thought into every step of what we do, from making sure the cave mouth is wide enough for cats to be comfortable to making sure the women are able to send their kids to school." Right on. Check them out at karmacat.com.

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