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Healthy Paws – Fall/Winter 2022

Solutions for everything from itchy ears to litter box germs

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1. Food Cats Love

Protein is a must in the feline diet! SnappyTom Naturals cat food is protein-rich and made with natural, sustainably sourced chicken and fish. Grain-free with no artificial additives or preservatives and available in five nourishing flavours your cat will love. (from $2,

2. Itchy Skin Solution

Relieve itchy dry skin with J.R. Liggett’s all-natural cat shampoo. Formulated for cats, it’s hypoallergenic, detergent-free, and contains soothing ingredients like coconut, almond, and hemp oils. Choose the biodegradable bar or liquid option. (from $8,

3. Speed Healing

Banixx Pet Care Spray speeds healing, relieves dry, itchy skin and treats ear infections, hot spots, ringworm, and wounds. Antiseptic and anti-fungal, it’s made without steroids or antibiotics and is sting-free!  ($15,

4. Feline Facial

Does your cat have facial wounds or irritation? Vetericyn Plus Feline Antimicrobial Facial Therapy is an antibiotic- and steroid-free liquid formula that cleans, soothes, and prevents potential infection. It’s safe if licked or ingested and won’t sting. ($13,

5. Good Guts

Support your cat’s immune, joint, and digestive health with Molecular Biolife’s Over The Top Intestinal formula! Packed with pre- and probiotics, this highly digestible formula is made with organic sprouted rye and flax seeds, fruit and vegetable powders, dried kefir powder, and poultry collagen for overall wellness. ($17,

6. Litter Mess Contained!

Tired of litter mess? The NVR Miss Litterbox features high walls to keep litter and kitty mess contained and a cat-friendly center entrance for easy use. A smooth finish, flat floor, and curved corners makes it easy to clean! (from $26,

7. A Better Litter

The Multi-Cat Litter from Sustainably Yours is made with a unique and natural corn-cassava blend for excellent odour control. Fragrance free, biodegradable, and sustainably sourced, this litter also has mixed sized granules to balance clumping and tracking! ($23,

8. Banish Pain & Anxiety

Naturecan’s CBD oil for cats is specifically formulated for felines and made with a proprietary blend of CBD, CBDA isolate, and coconut oil. Give drops orally or mix with food to provide pain and anxiety relief and reduce joint inflammation. (from $30,

9. Nail Clipping Made Easy

Trimming your cat’s nails can be stressful for both you and your cat! The Zen Clipper from Pet Product Innovations has a patented conical blade that helps ensure you only cut the tip of your cat’s nail and avoid cutting the quick. ($17,

10. Cat Toothpaste

Your cat’s dental health has a huge impact on overall health. Keep your cat’s teeth and gums healthy (and save money on vet bills!) with the Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste from Oxyfresh. Odourless and tasteless, this toothpaste helps remove plaque and promotes healthy gums. ($11,

11. Cat Eyes

Protect your cat’s eyesight. With Grapeseed Extract, Lutein, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and a unique combina-tion of 12 different antioxidants, Ocu-GLO soft chews help prevent dam-age and support vital eye cells! (from $35,

12. health boost

Ensure your cats are getting what they need for a long, healthy life. PureForm Pet Health’s Feline Essentials supplement is formulated with glucosamine, amino acids, and a full spectrum vitamin and mineral complex to help cats of all ages. Especially great for cats with kidney or urinary tract infections! ($90,

13. Risk Factor

Assess your cat’s risk for developing common, inherited diseases. Developed by veterinarians and PhD geneticists, the CatScan Kit from Paw Print Genetics screens your cat for over 80 inherited diseases and traits. You’ll receive results for each gene tested as normal, a carrier, or at-risk for each disease. ($100,

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