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The most popular brand of cat scratchers adds a new post, a customizable corrugate scratcher and a three-in-one carrier to their bestselling line.

According to recently released data, SmartyKat® is the #1 cat scratcher brand in the US with a 42% share of the market. Not content to rest on their laurels, SmartyKat is introducing three new innovative scratchers with fun and practical features to please cats and cat parents alike.

“Cat parents need to understand that a cat’s desire to scratch is a hard-wired instinct, not a behavioral problem,” said Aimee Diskin, Director of Innovation and Product Development for Worldwise, Inc. “Our new cat scratchers help cat parents prevent inappropriate scratching on furnishings by offering innovative solutions and fun features that help direct a cat’s scratching away from furniture.”

Expanding on the success of their Super Scratcher+® corrugated scratcher, America’s best selling cat scratcher, SmartyKat is introducing the Super Scratcher Squared™ (MSRP $14.99). The square corrugated scratchers come in a two pack and can be used separately or connected together with the secure peel-and-stick adhesive. Add more squares, sold separately, to create a fully customized size and shape. The Super Scratcher Squared comes with a generous handful of SmartyKat Organic Catnip to attract cats to scratch and when worn, the scratchers can be flipped over for double the scratching.

Inspired by the continuing popularity of corrugated scratchers, SmartyKat has created the Carryin’ Cove™ (MSRP $14.99), a three-in-one scratcher, hideout and carrier. Fold the front down to use as a scratcher and hideout, then convert to a secure carrier in seconds whenever needed. Regular usage of the scratcher and hideout acclimates cats to the space, reducing travel stress when used as a carrier. When worn, the corrugated scratching pad is replaceable with the pad from a Super Scratcher+.

To add a little fun between scratching sessions, SmartyKat’s new Scratch ‘N Spin™ post (MSRP $24.99) has two replaceable wands with dangling feathers and ribbons that spin with the flick of a paw. This innovative cat-driven motion twirls the hanging ribbons and boa feathers that attract cats to play and scratch. The easy to assemble post is wrapped with high quality, durable looped carpet on a stable, tip-resistant base.

“Our cat scratchers have always been popular with cats and cat parents,” added Diskin. “But the addition of these new, innovative scratchers offer cat parents scratching solutions that go beyond the everyday options in the market.”

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