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Oh My Cat

Curated Gifts for Cat Lovers and their Cats

By: Cat Kazmir

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I wasn’t always a fan of felines. It’s one of the last things you’d expect from the owner of Oh My Cat, a gift shop dedicated to cats and cat lovers – but it’s true.

Being a relatively new cat owner, as well as someone who loves to make unique, handmade cat goods, I noticed that the market lacked the kind of well-designed products that would appeal to any modern cat lover such as myself. There are plenty of dog shops like this, so why shouldn’t cats be represented too?

Oh My Cat is just that. It’s a place for cat lovers to shop for curated toys, accessories, home goods, gifts, and more. I feature the best handmade items I can find, ones that any cat owner would be proud to flaunt in their home or on their fur baby.

My own purr pal, a gorgeous Calico named Cali (short for the Greek word for “most beautiful”, Calia), loves to model Oh My Cat’s products on our website. She’s the first cat I’ve ever owned, and is incredibly affectionate – even through working as Oh My Cat’s poster cat.

And the best part of all of this? Meeting all the other cat enthusiasts out there. Markets are great for that. I especially love when we exchange cat pictures like parents showing off their kids’ school photos. A lot of times, we talk pet care and, while I’m no vet, I let them know I’m especially careful about finding products made with cat-safe materials.

I’m so excited about what Oh My Cat has become, and what it can provide for any modern cat lover. We all love our pets. Just as we want the best for our human children, we should have the same for our fluffy ones too.

Visit Oh My Cat to see our latest collection of goodies, including catnip toys, cat accessories, cozy home goods, and more.

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