Stylish Mau Pets Ivy Cat Tree

The Ivy cat tree from Mau Pets is a boho beauty featuring a variety of perch heights, machine washable cushions, and four fun pom-pom balls to encourage play! Plus, the baskets and all other parts can be replaced and customized. A gorgeous way to provide all-important vertical space! ($389,


Minimalist Makesure Cat Litter Box

The elegant, modern Makesure cat litter box has a magnetic cover, a removable drawer-style litter tray, and a curved sand filter aisle to reduce litter mess! Bonus: the cover has hidden storage space for a litter scoop and poo bags. ($140, or

Minimalist Catit Stacking Tower

Versatile and sleek, the round Catit Stacking Tower is easy to set up and store. With multiple openings and a padded top perch, the tiers can be stacked together or separated in different arrangements for ongoing fun! ($180,


Stylish The Refined Feline Lotus Branch Cat Shelf

On cloud nine. Give your cat the ultimate, modern perching spot/vertical-space hideaway with the Lotus Branch Cat Shelf! Includes either comfortable berber carpet or faux fur that can be easily removed, cleaned, or replaced. (From $145,


Minimalist Catastrophic Creations Lounge Cat Hammock

Your cat will lounge the day away with this Lounge Cat Hammock from Catastrophic Creations. Wall-mounted to free up space, this modern, minimal hammock features hidden brackets to give it a floating look. (Fabric is removable and washable!) (From $46,

Prevue Pet Spherical Scratcher

This durable, jute-wrapped spherical scratcher is a thing of beauty. The round shape of the Kitty Power Paws Sphere Scratching Post from Prevue Pet Products provides additional scratching, pouncing, and jumping space, and a feather-tipped tassel brings extra fun! ($80,


Stylish Makesure Pet green ScratcherMakesure Pet Yellow Scratcher

Adjust the tilt of this beautiful, convertible cat scratcher from Makesure to allow your cat to scratch at angles up to 90 degrees. Configure horizontally and it doubles as a side table or platform for your cat to rest on. Genius! ($70,


Minimalist Tuft and Paw Rifiuti Litter Box Enclosure

Seamlessly hide your cat’s litter box with Tuft and Paw’s gorgeously minimal Rifiuti Litter Box Enclosure. Made from solid pine, this stylized modern cabinet has space for a litter box and litter tray and is easy for your cat to use. ($700,