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Purrified Air Pet Odor Filter for Fresh Smelling Cat Homes

It’s wonderful to have a cat in the house,...

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LisetteArt Shop: Creative Designs for Cat Lovers

Here at Modern Cat we jump at any chance...

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Tofu Kitty Club’s Sustainable (and Practical!) Soy Kitty Litter Subscription

Have you joined the Club yet? TofuKitty Club is our...

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Critter Crafting’s Cat Mats Are Purrfectly Comfy-Cozy!

Keep your kitty comfy and cozy this winter! We...

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Large Plush-Padded Cat Bed by Catastrophic Creations Provides High Climbing Comfort

Some cats prefer to keep their head in the...

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Tuft + Paw

It’s important to provide your cat the stimulation they...