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Modern Cat’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Cat Toy Gifts

Kitties love to play! So spoil your feline family members this holiday season with these pawsome cat toy gifts!
Purr & Pounce Cat Tunnel from P.LA.Y

Cat Toy Gifts: Cat Tunnel

P.L.A.Y.’s Purr & Pounce Cat Tunnel features a super-soft interior, whimsical peep-hole and interactive hanging mouse. This purrfect combination of fun and luxury will leave cats purring for more!

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Wine and Cheese Set from Munchiecat

Cat Toy Gifts: Wine and Cheese Catnip

This Wine and Cheese set by Munchiecat is made with soft minky fabric and includes catnip, crinkle, and jingle toys to bring out your cat’s playful yet sophisticated side!

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The Ultimate Gray Scratching Post from Pioneer Pet

Cat Toy Gifts: Cat Scratcher

Made from fibrous and durable woven sisal, the Ultimate Gray Scratching Post from Pioneer Pet is perfect for your kitties scratching needs. Built with a sturdy 16” base to eliminate any wobbling or tipping.

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Katapult 2-in-1 from Kuhlekatz

Cat Toy Gifts: Interactive Cat Toy

Katapult 2 in 1 from Kuhlekatz will have your cat playing for hours! The unpredictable bouncing spring and catnip infused mouse promote mental stimulation and independent play.

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Catnip Crayons from Yeowww!

Catnip Crayon Toys

Yeowww! Catnip’s newest toy! Spark kitty’s creativity with this set of three colorful toys 100% filled with Yeowww! organically grown catnip. All this delicious catnip comes encased in durable cotton twill fabric.

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4-Level Tower Track Toy from ViviPet

Cat Toy Gift

This 4 level-tower track toy from ViviPet is detachable, super easy to install and clean. It stimulates your cat’s senses and excites their mind as they work to bat at every ball.

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Wiggly Ball Toys from Dezi & Roo

Cat Ball Toys

These fun Wiggly Ball toys from Dezi & Roo mimic live prey thanks to fuzzy tails that wiggle and curl and balls that bounce, rattle, and roll, providing your cat with a simple but highly addictive playtime toy!

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Gourmet Catnip Gift Set from Skinny Pete’s Catnip

Gourmet Catnip Gift

This three-piece gift set from Skinny Pete’s Gourmet Catnip will have your cat purring for more! Includes “Blue Meowy Wowy”, “Furmaceutical Grade” and, “Purruvian Pink” and a USA grown and cloth bag.

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Cat Lures from Chris the Cat

Cat Lure Toy

The limited-edition Cat Lures from Chris The Cat are the “I love you gift” that cats chase and carry like a trophy! Each unique, handwoven, all natural lure attaches to clips or makes a super toss toy.

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