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6 things Pheromones can help your cat with


Cat Pheromones can work miracles!

Cat pheromones can help everything from reducing stress to changing behavior and promoting harmony in a multi-cat home. These naturally occurring chemical substances produced by cats are sensed by other cats and affect their behavior. Think of pheromones as a type of olfactory communication—cats use them to communicate and interact with others. Secreted from glands around the cat’s face, friendly pheromones produce a calming effect in cats and generally help them get along and handle stress better.

So how can you harness the power of pheromones for your cat? Synthetic feline pheromone products replicate a cat’s naturally occurring friendly pheromones to help your cats feel safe and relaxed in their environment, helping to ease tensions, solve conflicts, and eradicate problem behaviors.

How These Can Help Your Cat:

1. Improve your cat’s emotional wellbeing. Cat pheromones help all cats feel secure, and a pet that feels confident, safe, and relaxed is a happy pet.

2. Calm a Nervous Nelly. “Nervy” or timid cats can experience remarkable benefits from cat pheromone products. The pheromones signal that all is well, helping scared cats feel safe, resulting in a calmer, more confident cat.

3. Bond cats. Tensions can be high when you have multiple cats living together in the close quarters of a home. Pheromones create peace in multi-cat households by helping to promote a bond between cats. If your cats only seem to tolerate each other and you’re not witnessing any bonded behavior, such as allogrooming (think licking each other or head bunting), your cats could benefit from a pheromone product.

4. Help your cat manage stress. Notoriously creatures of habit, cats are easily stressed by stressors both minor (visitors) and major (moving). Pheromones help cats manage stressful situations better.

5. Accept a new cat. By creating a friendlier cat environment, pheromone products help an existing cat accept a new friend. Feline behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider says, “We’ve seen pheromones be the only reason existing cats accept the newly adopted cat.”

6. Change problem behavior. Problem behaviors, from aggression to urine-marking to lack of appetite, can be quickly and markedly improved by the use of pheromone products. Many times, the behavior has its roots in stress or multi-cat conflict, which pheromone products diminish.

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