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Jae Kennedy and Adrienne Lefebvre have always been known as Two Crazy Cat Ladies by friends and family. For nearly 15 years, they’ve been passionate feline guardians – rescuing cats, nursing them to health and welcoming them into their family.

Throughout this journey, they’ve also become strong advocates of cat health. With over a decade of experience working in pet nutrition, they began to realize the need for a focus on feline health in the nutrition industry.

“Many of the supplements we wanted – to treat the common ailments of our babies – were made primarily for dogs, with cats as a side note,” says Adrienne. “It was hard to find the supplements we needed for our finicky felines. It was time to DO something.”

They decided to start their own cat nutrition business and simply called it what they’ve always been: Two Crazy Cat Ladies.

“We started working with a holistic animal scientist to formulate natural supplements just for cats,” said Jae.  “We’re happy to say that all of our products are human grade and made right here in the USA.”

From flea and worm treatments to arthritis, UTI and FeLV support, these crazy cat ladies work hard to help cat parents find the right solutions, without the harmful side-effects of many medications.

“We’re crazy about cats and crazy about cat health,” says Jae. “Our goal is to help every cat enjoy a long, healthy, happy life.”

The Two Crazy Cat Ladies are available by phone, email and online chat. They share their love of cats and wine on their YouTube channel and have quite a fun following on Facebook.

Whether you need something for healthy maintenance, prevention or treatment, check out their all-natural product line – for cats, by cat lovers – at


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