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Every Cat Needs a Box!

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As cat owners, we know that cats love cardboard boxes! All the toys in the world can’t compare to a simple cardboard box.

But why are our feline friends so drawn to boxes and other enclosed objects, like paper bags, laundry baskets, dresser drawers and backpacks?

Science shows that these types of enclosed spaces help reduce stress by giving your cat a safe zone.  Cats also have a comfort zone 14-20 degrees higher than humans, so boxes work as an insulator to help keep them warm.

However, regular cardboard boxes can take up too much space and can be an eye-sore in the house, that’s why we love the awesome new Purrfect Cat Box™ which makes ugly boxes a thing in the past!

The Purrfect Cat Box, now live on Kickstarter, is unlike other plain cardboard boxes. It features attractive graphics that will match well with your décor (a big plus for us!) and look great no matter where you place it, with the compact design of the Purrfect Cat Box allowing it to fit just about anywhere, letting your kitty rest contently where they want to be.

We also love that Purrfect Cat box features a perforated cut-out design, which lets your cat keep an eye out on their surroundings. The cut-out design also has multiple edges for face scratching, a guaranteed pleaser for any cat.

What’s even better is that there is no need to worry if your cat loves to scratch! If your cat manages to destroy the box, it can be easily recycled and the low cost makes it easy for you to replace with a new one.

What we find most important with this product is that the Purrfect Cat Box is safe for your kitty. They are made in Colorado, so there is no need to worry about the risk of contamination often found in overseas products or dirty boxes from shipping. Additionally, the inks used in printing on the box are compliant with the Toxics in Packaging Clearing house and the Toy Safety Standard.

Give your cat the box they want and your home the look it deserves today. Trust us; your feline friend will love it!

The Purrfect Cat Box is now live on Kickstarter! Click here to get your cat the box of its dreams!

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