Chloe and Taz

Domestic Short Hair and Long Hair

Meet Chloe and Taz

Chloe is a small female grey/white Tuxedo cat, has a very affectionate personality. Loves all people, (except kids) loves to drink out of the bathroom sink and will take more chances in exploring new things/areas TAZ is a large/long (twice the size of Chloe) male orange long haired domestic cat. He is very shy and timid as adult cat and prefers to lay/sleep beside me. He LOVES getting brushed, loves food (especially treats) and likes running to catch or block the treat when thrown.

Facts About Me
  • Age BOTH are 4 yes old
  • Nicknames Chloe and lil’ f%#ker
  • Dislikes Chloe - My singing! and Taz - Anyone under 10 years old and New People.
  • Foods BOTH Chloe and Taz - Yogurt and Treats
  • Pastimes (Chloe- Laying on/cuddling with owner) & Taz getting groomed & Catnip
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