British Shorthair

Meet Crumpet

Crumpet is a little kitten with a huge personality. A foodie by heart, he will stop at nothing to get his next meal. When he’s not eating, he is either sleeping or chasing his siblings around the house. He prides himself in his superior biscuit making skills. Don’t get fooled by that adorable round face, he will scream at you if his food isn’t served fast enough. He definitely lives up to his royal nickname Sir Crumpet.

Facts About Me
  • Age 15 weeks
  • Nicknames Sir Crumpet, Crum, Crummy Boy
  • Dislikes Being woken up from a nap, not getting his food fast enough
  • Foods Chicken, minnows, and salmon
  • Pastimes Making biscuits, climbing up mom’s leg to get to food, Sleeping in baskets, watching birds from the catio, screaming for food, playing with his two siblings.
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