Franken Cat

Domestic Short Hair

Meet Franken Cat

Franken Cat is a FeLv+ cat who had a broken jaw, missing teeth, a skin infection and an eye that ultimately had to be removed. He formed a close friendship with my senile, deaf and blind Pit Bull, Old Grand Dad. And he quickly took on a caregiver role too. He became OGD's "one-eyed Seeing Eye Cat", guiding him around, and was a keen observer when OGD had petite mal seizures; he would gently guide him to the ground (both of these have been captured on video even!). 

Facts About Me
  • Age Approximately 3
  • Nicknames Franken
  • Dislikes An empty food bowl
  • Foods Everything, including but not limited to pizza, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and new packages of hamburger buns left on top of the refrigerator.
  • Pastimes Caring for his best friend, an elderly Pit Bull named Old Grand Dad (who sadly passed on May 31, 2014 - which Franken snuggled up with him)
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