Meet Ginger

This is Ginger (Lil' Miss Priss). She is very sassy and has a spunky personality. As far as ruler of the household goes, she takes the title. Unfortunately, Ginger will only let you love her when she wants to be loved (she will make this known by rolling around on the floor with her belly exposed). Her daily routine consists of sleeping, eating, meowing, and pouncing out behind corners to try to scare me! (She succeeds). Her favorite toys are toy mice and a string of yarn. 

Facts About Me
  • Age 2 years
  • Nicknames Lil' Miss Priss, Gingy
  • Dislikes Eating treats and her canine sister, Carmel
  • Foods Sandwich meat, grain cat food, and Oscar Meyer braunschweiger meat
  • Pastimes Sleeping, trying to scare me, laying in the sun, playing, clawing up the furniture, and running around the house in the early morning
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