Meet Jaxon

Jaxon is a feisty, almost 16 year old cat. Likes: licking plastic bags,twist ties, playing fetch, drinking from the tub faucet and sun bathing. Dislikes: vacuum, nails being trimmed, closed doors and ears being cleaned. Sardines are his most favourite treat and he loves to show off his pudgy belly! He greets me at the door every day after work to give me kitty hugs and likes to snuggle when it's time for bed. 

Facts About Me
  • Age 15
  • Nicknames Bubbie, Handsome boy, Silly Bear, Bugaboo.
  • Dislikes Vacuum, nail trimming, ear cleaning.
  • Foods Sardines, green olives, chicken, cheese.
  • Pastimes Sleeping, helping to make the bed, playing fetch
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