Maine Coon mix

Meet Kiki

We live in a small town in Northeastern Mexico called China (pronounced Chee-nah).  My husband found Kiki wandering in the desert!  starving, just skin and bones under his beautiful coat.  He was about 6 weeks old.  So he brought him home, and we loved him and fed him and he's grown to be the most beautiful and loving cat I have ever had!  There is no end to his affection and loyalty.  Truly a gift from heaven who has a forever home!!

Facts About Me
  • Age 2
  • Nicknames Kiki Panzone
  • Dislikes thunder
  • Foods loves his dry catfood - not much for table food
  • Pastimes looking out the window, taking naps in the sun, hunting, playing with our other cats, cuddling with me
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