Meet mammmmaz

This is mammmaz. AKA Stevie kitty 1. I adopted her from Bulverde Human Society. I went in search of a friend and companion. As im walking through looking at kittens and alot of cats. She caought my attention. And i cought hers. She waited by the door window waiting for me to grab her. I noticed stiches in her eye. She only has one eye due to bad genes, and has astma so playing is limitless until she lays to rest. I love her like my child, she also fetches like a dog, and i understand her meows..

Facts About Me
  • Age 3yrs young
  • Nicknames my lovely
  • Dislikes she dislikes loud noises
  • Foods Purina indoor cat food, she goea crazy for it. she runs back and fourth and throws herself on the floor with excitment.
  • Pastimes car crusing. i dont have a car so those are the moments i miss.
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