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Meet Misu

I went to make the bed and look what I found inside the duvet cover :) In september 2007 I was visiting my mothers old home and I saw this abandonet cat, that my uncle had talked about, walking away from the house. I went to the stairs and called her and she came running into my life. 

Facts About Me
  • Age about 10
  • Nicknames Misuliini, Misukka, Nöpönenä (Dinkynose), Hassutassu (Funnybaw),Rontti (Scoundrel) and so on...
  • Dislikes Hoover!!!!! And car rides.
  • Foods Anything else but what I´m having in my bowl.
  • Pastimes Napping, running wildly around the house at small hours when others try to sleep and showing to toys who is who in the house. And making biscuits.
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