Meet Monito

Monito is a 2 year old stray cat who was abandoned by his mom, a kind lady took him and put and ad on the local newspaper to find someone to adopt him. The ad was like this "Help me, I was abandoned, meow", I found the ad creative, unique so I called and I got a huge surprise..... the kitten was at the home I live my first 19 years of my life so I think it was his destiny to be my kitten.  He was around 1 and a half month when I adopt him, and now he is 2 years old.&nbs

Facts About Me
  • Age 2 years
  • Nicknames Corazon, Pechocho, Gatito hermoso, Querubin
  • Dislikes Meet new people, when someone visit me he run and hide
  • Foods Can food, tuna, chicken
  • Pastimes Did I mention sleep?, MOL
Cats Like Me
Needs Love
Tabitha & Furnando
Cat Performance Art:  "Synchronized Tummy Tuesday".
Needs Love
The most lovable rescue you’ll ever... More
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