Meet Muffin

Muffin is 4 years old. He is quite shy/scared of all people until he sees you more than twice. Then he will very cautiously enter the room you are in, watching every movement made by anyone. If he hears a shuffling of feet, a cough or any other noise(even quiet ones) he freezes where he is looks around and quickly runs out of the room! He is Not a cuddle cat. He does Not like to be picked up. He Loves pettings and being brushed(he is very fluffy). But the One thing that he enjoys most of Anyt

Facts About Me
  • Age 4yrs
  • Nicknames Mufferoni
  • Dislikes Catnip
  • Foods Dry Friskies any seafood flavour
  • Pastimes Chilling on his red folding chair
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