Maine Coon

Meet Pebbles

This is Pebbles. She is almost 3 years old,she is a Maine Coon and very lovable,she is my bed buddy.She is also a rescue,when I adopted her or should I say she adopted me because she leaped in to my arms when I opened the cage.She is a one of a kind kitty,she is very loved and she also has 3 more resues to play with.She loves each and everyone of them.She is spoiled rotten by me of course.

Facts About Me
  • Age 35 months old
  • Nicknames PP, peeble, P kitty, peepy toes, peebler, peep n toads.
  • Dislikes Don't like to be woke up, don't like to share her food, don't like to share my lap with the other kitties.
  • Foods Fancy Feast dry/wet. Chicken, tuna, salmon, ocean whitefish
  • Pastimes Watching TV, playing, eating and sleeping in the bed.
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