Pumpkin Pie

Domestic Shorthair

Meet Pumpkin Pie

We have a 10 year old abyssinian male cat (Sweetie) and added a newborn, Pumpkin, in May of this year.  We raised him in the barn for 3 months until we got him fixed a few weeks ago.  He's such an affectionate cate, snuggling everytime we pick him up, giving kisses and hugs each time as well.  He's a very welcomed addition to our family and Sweetie has adopted him as his little brother :)

Facts About Me
  • Age 6 months
  • Nicknames Pump-dili-umpkin, Spunky-punky-monkey, Punky
  • Dislikes Being cooped up in a room, being told "NO"
  • Foods Temptations treats, Friskies treats
  • Pastimes Bird watching, watching TV, climbing, jumping, playing with cat toys
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