Flame Point Siamese

Meet Titu

My name’s short for Ratito which means “little rat” in Portuguese, my grandma sometimes talks to me in Portuguese & she named me because I looked like a little wet rat when I got a bath as a baby. I am super annoying & stubborn & never listen to anything, I like to steal things like hair ties, head bands, nail files, & any small objects I can get my paws on. If you’re not watching, I’ll steal a whole chicken breast off your plate. But my mom still loves me! Also, I use the toilet.

Facts About Me
  • Age 6
  • Nicknames Teet, Meowj, Magreep, Greepy
  • Dislikes The dog, bath time, the sound of someone sniffling
  • Foods Any seafood, and dairy!
  • Pastimes Stealing things that aren’t his
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