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Meet Cleo Catra and daughter Abby the Tabby

The Maine Coon mix
Marilyn Morrison Oshkosh, WI

Cleo Catra came to me by a customer at my shop, who said she "was going to be taken to the shelter."   I had recently lost my beautiful black-and-white Tipsy the ShopCat, and didn't want another so soon.  I did agree to "give it a try."   After a few days, I agreed she could stay..... that's when my friend stepped back, and said, "Um.....she has a kitten."    The rest is history.

Cleo - 12 and Abby - 11
Being ShopCats - very social years
Cleo does not enjoy her diabetes shots!
Favorite Foods
Cleo (and thus, Abby) has to have a good, grain-free food, both dry and canned.
Favorite Pastimes
Enjoying retirement since I closed the shop

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