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Meet Hazelnut

The Maine Coon
Julie Solana Beach, CA

Hazelnut was a rescue kitty and was patiently awaiting adoption - she had been at the shelter for over 6 months. It was love at first sight and I had adopted her the very next week! She was a year and 3 months old.  She is now 4 and the light of my life.  We celebrate her birthday each year with catnip-covered treats and the people in her life that adore her. 

Hazels, Hazel Nutters, Angel, Baby.
Kids, catnip, dried salmon bits and her feather flyer. Being anywhere mom is and sleeping next to me on pillow.
Tuna! She will not touch it. Hairballs....need I say more?!
Favorite Foods
Dried salmon treats, Bonita Flakes, Anything with a tasty non-tuna flavored gravy.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing in mom's laundry basket with clean laundry, walking by leash through neighborhood, chasing butterflies and watching a lizard that lives somewhere in back yard plant life.

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