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Meet Yanni, the Wanna-Be Therapy Cat

The Flame Point Siamese
Southern California Siamese Rescue/Anne Ross (foster) Foothill Ranch, CA

YANNI, The Wanna-Be Therapy Cat.

I rescued Yanni from a high kill shelter for Southern California Siamese Rescue. He was a stray who had apparently been attacked by a dog and abused by humans. Despite his history, Yanni loves dogs and people! Next month, Yanni starts training as a therapy cat. He has many friends on Face book. www.facebook.com/YanniTheTherapyCat

1 year
Mr. Monkeyshines
Da Bird, playing with dogs' tails, washing his kitty friend Petunia's face
he is so easy going, he doesn't have any!
Favorite Foods
anything and everything suitable for cats--and whatever is in Petunia's bowl.
Favorite Pastimes
Exploring parks on his harness and leash; meeting new people and going to new places

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