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Meet Willow

The Blue Russian
Kyrstie Cambridge

Willow little grey cat who likes to hide in the shadows. 

Wilko, Wilky-Wills, Little Princess, Little Shadow
Sleeping on someone or on our bed, pulling the plug out of the bath and running away to hide it, sitting on the windowsill trying to catch the birds, chasing her brother around the house, having a mad 5 minutes running around the house going crazy.
Tin foil, loud noises, being moved or woken up, having her ears cleaned, us leaving her to go to work or go out.
Favorite Foods
Biscuit soft and crunchy felix and gourmet pouches
Favorite Pastimes
Hiding in the shelves of clothing asleep, scaring a customer in the shop by pulling on the chain the pen is attached to while they wrote out an address on and envelop to post.

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